At The Watershop, our aim is to continuously improve our quality systems in pursuit of a flawless and technically excellent service. In demonstration of this, we have successfully maintained our ISO 9001 certification for over 20 years and we continue to evolve our systems with the future developments of this standard.

Our technical capabilities meet international standards being accredited by ISO. This standard test the competence of our team. We are frequently audited and run a programme of comparison tests to ensure that our technical reports are accurate, meet the requirements of our customers and are equal or better than our peer groups.

We have evolved from being a distributor in the early days to the manufacture and supply of complete systems. These systems are tested/traced to ensure the highest quality and traceability of the products on the market today. Our brands  incorporate:

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Whilst there is no European/Irish Standard for component parts we use the American standard NSF. This means that all component parts that are used in the manufacture of our equipment comply to NSF Standard where possible.

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Our goal is to provide a level of technical excellence and after-sales service that is second to none.

Quality Memberships:

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The Repak symbol displayed on the premises demonstrates that the accumulated packaging waste has resulted in a financial contribution to Repak's waste packaging compliance scheme to fund the recovery of the packaging.

This ultimately proves that we care about our own and ultimately the customers' environments by assuring that our waste is streamlined and recycled in the most efficient manner, having a positive impact on the ultimate reduction of the global warming to the biosphere.

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