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The Watershop was founded in August 1990 to distribute a range of domestic and light commercial water treatment systems. This is the market we have served since our inception and still do so today. Whilst water treatment technology has changed considerably over the years we still have examples of some early systems which are still in use today.

Over the years the company has evolved and is now responsible for the design and manufacture of a wide range of branded water treatment systems


UVLE - UV Lamps Europe UV Lamps, UV Sterilisers and Accessories

Eco Flo Water Softeners & Water Filters

Water MasterReverse Osmosis Systems and Drinkwater Filters

Scale SoftChemical Free Scale Prevention System

Aqua FilterFilter Housings & Replacement Cartridges

Through our extensive knowledge we offer treatment systems for the commercial and domestic market and as a reassurance of quality The Watershop is an ISO 9001 2015 Registered company and our ISO Certificates can be downloaded from our website by visiting our Quality Page.

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The Watershop
Tallaght Business Park
Dublin 24
Tel +353 (01) 4610690

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Quality, Service and Reliability

At the Watershop we understand that it is often difficult for individuals to find their way through the maze of claims made by water treatment companies. For this reason, we try at all times to be as clear and concise as possible when offering our products. In our modern times we realise that change is ever constant and that new methods and products are always becoming available. That is why we scour the world in order to keep up with technology so that we are always able to offer our customers solutions that are effective, reliable and economical in the long term. Frequently water treatment equipment is hidden away under the sink or in the corner of an outhouse somewhere. It is one of those products, which for most people is best left for someone else to sort out. For this reason reliability and ease of maintainence are of paramount importance if ongoing costs are to be kept to acceptable levels. Our products are sold via a network of approved installers. We choose companies and individuals who have the same ethos as ourselves and have many years experience in our industry. In this way we can work together so that our final customers, the end users, are confident in our products and our ability to support them.

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